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Maine Sports Commission

Maine Sports Commission

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About Maine Sports Commission

Maine’s called Vacationland for a reason.  We’ve got pristine mountains and lakes, fields, forests and 3,500 miles of coastline. You can smell the salt sea in the air and see shooting stars above your head at night. Every corner of the state beckons you outside to enjoy its raw beauty, making Maine a haven for sports.

And for the pros, almost pros, not even close to pros and people who just like to cheer, the countless sporting events that take place here every year are a special treat. They’re a chance for everyone to enjoy, if even for a weekend, the special place we get to take in all year.

Plus with 4 seasons, Maine can host 4 times the types of events. Skiing to sailing, running to rafting, we can be the backdrop for it all. So if you’d like to get in on all Maine has to offer (be it hosting an event, planning, participating or just watching), we at the Maine Sports Commission are here to help get YOU here.

Things to do in Maine Sports Commission

With snow-swept forests and frosty summits, winter in Maine is the perfect time to give in to wanderlust and get out on the slopes and trails.

Don't forget to check out some of Maine's unique boutiques, shops, farm and sea-to-table eats, and one-of-a-kind stays. From charming Main Street communities to Portland’s historic neighborhoods, show some local love and experience quintessentially Maine shopping, dining and lodging.

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When searching for flights to Maine, keep in mind that the Bangor International Airport (BGR) and the Portland International Jetport (PWM) are the two airports with the most routes and flight options.

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