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AJGA Junior Championship

AJGA Junior Championship

Youth & High School Golf Tournament

RFP - Urgent Need
Deadline: Sep 1st, 2023

About AJGA Junior Championship

Flexible b/w Jun 2nd - Jun 6th, 2024, for 5 days

Looking Nationally

60 Hotel Rooms Per Night

156 Participants

300 Spectators

The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) is interested in bringing an event to your area for a minimum of three years. AJGA is exploring opportunities during the months of June – August. The official event would take place from Sunday – Thursday. This event will begin with a 78 player qualifying event on Sunday. Approximately 10% of the qualifier field will earn their way into the main event. The event will play host to 78 unique players (ages 12-19) from across the world between the days of Monday-Thursday. On Monday morning, AJGA will host an official practice round for all tournament players. On Monday afternoon, AJGA will host Junior-Am fundraising event. This event gives members from host facility (golf course) and/or members of the local community the opportunity to play with AJGA junior golfers. The event has opportunity to benefit a local charity of choice. All players and families will be in town playing Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There will not be a cut. After the event we will have a short awards ceremony. We will provide meals for players and parents throughout the week.

AJGA field size is 78 players for main event and 78 unique players for qualifying event. This event size has opportunity to increase depending on the time of year and location of host city. AJGA event will bring up to 156 families to your area for this event. AJGA tournament fields are filled based on the Performance Based Entry system. AJGA tournament fields have extensive alternate lists to get in. AJGA tournament fields are typically comprised of players representing roughly 10-15 states and 3 countries. AJGA partners help promote our events (Golf Channel, PGA Tour, Morning Read, etc.). AJGA website is the main promotion of the event. We have over 14.4 million unique views per year on our website. AJGA social media numbers continue to increase with our largest following being on Instagram with over 105,000 followers and 15 million unique views annually on Reels. AJGA social media accounts have over 210,000 followers across all of our platforms.

AJGA is not a stay for play organization. However, AJGA would anticipate roughly 80% of players and families staying in a hotel in the area during the event. The event will have 6 local exemptions to be used on kids from your area (local committee, golf course and title sponsor will split the 6 exemptions how they see fit). The rest of the field will travel in from across the world. AJGA guests will be in a hotel for at least 5 days. AJGA families typically use the event as a vacation for the family and look to stay before or after. AJGA has kids travel from other countries to play in events and stay for over a week. The majority of the field will be filled with players from out of the area who will need to stay in hotels in order to participate. AJGA families will come to town early to play additional practice rounds. The qualifier kids typically want to play the course before the event. This is additional revenue for the host facility and local economy. AJGA tracks overnight stays through tournament registration onsite during the event. AJGA will check numbers after the event with local hotels. AJGA sets up room blocks at host hotel to help keep track of room nights sold. The event will increase retail, food and beverage expenditures by out of market visitors and increase overall tourism. We expect an overall economic impact of $200,000 or more to the local community. Over the long-term we expect this event to generate over $1 million of economic impact on the local economy.

AJGA looks forward to getting members of the community involved with the event through various volunteer opportunities and the junior-am portion of the event where local members of the community can play with top junior golfers.

AJGA events don't need to shut down the golf course each day of the event. The course will be open to member and guest play by noon local time each day of the event.

The golf course will be available to members and guests each day of the event by noon. The event dates are flexible June - August, however the event will be from Sunday - Thursday or Monday - Friday depending on location.

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Youth & High School

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