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3STEP Sports Partners with Playeasy as its Official Sports Tourism Technology Platform

BOSTON, MA – (May 8, 2023) –  3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest and most impactful youth sports club and event operator, has announced a strategic partnership with Playeasy, the leading digital platform connecting all players in the Sporting Event and Tourism Industry (sports event organizers, destinations, sports facilities, local businesses, and event attendees) in the US. The partnership designates Playeasy as 3STEP Sports’ official sports tourism technology platform to address all facets of the industry, from site selection to event promotion. 

This collaboration will connect 3STEP’s 1,000+ annual events with Playeasy’s 300+ Destinations and 12,000+ Facilities during the site selection process to bring new events to new locations. 3STEP’s event portfolio will be added to Playeasy, unlocking a new wave of sports event operators to connect with Destinations and Facilities. Further, 3STEP Sports will use Playeasy to distribute its hundreds of annual RFP’s to hosts of interest. 

“This partnership is a game changer, not only for the Playeasy platform, but for the Sporting Event & Tourism industry as a whole,” said Sean Flaherty, Co-Founder & CEO at Playeasy. “Our destination partners, large and small, will now have exclusive access to the largest youth sports organizations in the world to maximize the economic impact they can bring to their cities through sporting events, as well as to promote their local business community to millions of event participants and spectators attending events within their destination.”  

Through Playeasy’s digital event pages, “things-to-do” guides and promotions, 3STEP’s 1.1+ million event participants can expect an enhanced visitor experience. Each individual 3STEP event will have its own digital directory of things-to-do in the area, along with exclusive event deals and promotions from participating businesses nearby. Not only does this partnership improve the visitor experience, but it also enables local businesses within each community to reach the youth sports tourism audience like never before.  

“At 3STEP, our top priority is to provide a best-in-class youth sports experience to all our athletes, families and coaches,” said Tania King, CEO at 3STEP Sports. “Partnering with Playeasy enhances our event experience by giving all our athletes and families access to the top Destinations and Facilities around the nation, regardless of sport, age and ability.”  

About 3Step Sports 

3STEP Sports, LLC. is the industry leader for youth sport clubs and events in the country, impacting 1.1+ million athletes from all 50 states across nine different sports. With a mission to be the leading and most dependable platform for all athletes to live out their passions, 3STEP has reimagined youth sports by providing access to top-tier coaching, nationally ranked events, best-in-class facilities and premier media content to all athletes.

About Playeasy 

Founded in 2018, Playeasy has rapidly become the largest digital network in the Sporting Event & Sports Tourism Industry, helping connect all stakeholders on a centralized & easy-to-use platform. Playeasy streamlines the ability for Event Organizers, Destinations, Sports Facilities, Local Businesses & Vendors to conduct business digitally, tell their story with dynamic marketing tools, & enhance the visitor experience for event attendees. To learn more, please visit and download our app in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. 

Playeasy Contact:

Kerri Shields, Co-Founder & President

The Playeasy Team

The Playeasy Team

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The Playeasy Team

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