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A Look Back at Playeasy’s 2023 Product Milestones

What a year it has been! In 2023, we’ve listened to your feedback & implemented your insights directly into the platform. Our focus was on end-to-end product improvement, from refining the lead generation process to effectively marketing entire communities on event pages, & reporting on user success.

When we think of the Playeasy product, it can be broken down into two fundamental themes: marketing and sales. We’ve enhanced every facet of both journeys to assist your team every step of the way. Explore the developments below!

🚀 2023 Marketing Launches

Playeasy’s marketing updates were all centered around providing a better event experience for participants & spectators across the country. Our tools empower Destinations, Facilities & Event Organizations to start providing that experience digitally.

Event Microsites

Watch: How to create an Event Microsite | Check out an example of an Event Microsite here

Early this year, Playeasy introduced a better way to market your Event – with dynamic Event microsites where all Event information comes together in one place. These pages are built to be found not only on Playeasy, but also organically through Google search.

Local Business Launch

How to create a Local Business Profile | Check out Discover Clermont’s Local Businesses

Along with Event microsites, we launched the ability for Destinations to showcase unlimited local business partners – hotels, restaurants, attractions, transport, & services – across Playeasy to level up the Event experience. These local business profiles are created through Chat GPT & are a one-time upload, allowing cities to cut down on time spent marketing their community & automatically feature their businesses on all upcoming Events in their area.

Event Promotions & Hotel Specials

How to add hotel specials to Events | How to add promotions to Events | Check out promotions on this Event

We aimed to further tie in local communities by highlighting discounts available at businesses & event-specific hotel specials within the communities hosting sporting events. Now, event attendees can check out where to stay & play with discounts before their trip.

Advanced Analytics

Guide to Advanced Analytics

Along with these marketing upgrades, we wanted to ensure Playeasy users could see their impact – how many visitors are viewing Event pages? How many attendees are using hotel specials? Playeasy’s in depth analytics reports can be accessed directly through Playeasy profiles to allow users to measure their success.

Playeasy Leaderboard

Check out the Leaderboard here

Why not celebrate the platform’s top successes together? We introduced Playeasy’s Activity Leaderboard this year, displaying the top trending Playeasy profiles daily, with key statistics including total page views, unique visitors, & total engaged time.

🚀 2023 Sales Launches

At the start of 2023, Playeasy began to look at how users engage with leads in the system. We broke it down into simpler terms to allow a Destination or Facility to alert an Organization of their interest. From there, we worked backwards to present Organizations an easier flow to create an RFP. The overarching goal was to increase the quantity & quality of leads, foster more engagement, and of course, bring new events to new places.

Lead Management 2.0

Read: Guide to your Leads Dashboard | Watch: Guide to your Leads Dashboard

In January, we released Lead Management 2.0 Easier RFP creation for Event Organizers & a new dashboard for Destinations to be directly matched with valuable leads.

Private RFPs

RFPs on Playeasy

Since the launch of Lead Management 2.0, we’ve been refining the types of RFPs put into the system to further enhance the leads on Playeasy. We introduced the new option to create a public or private request, so Event Organizers can only hit hosts of interest & streamline the site selection process.

Direct Request Flow

Direct Requests on Playeasy

Next, the hottest lead on the platform arrived with the ability for Organizations to directly request to connect with Destinations on their profile. Direct leads, directly to your Dashboard.

Enhanced Search Tools

Search the Marketplaces

Later this year, we launched an extensive array of enhanced search tools across all Playeasy Marketplaces to showcase content in more powerful ways. A new search bar on the home screen allows users to find exactly what they’re looking for, from new sports Facilities to your next sporting Event. In the Marktplaces, enhanced filters, like location & space types needed in Facilities, allow users to narrow down their search to the right places.

Simpleview Integration

Watch: Simpleview integration Demo

LIVE NOW! You asked, we listened. We started to close out the year with our sales leads integration with Simpleview. Now, Playeasy Destinations can sync their Playeasy leads directly into their Simpleview instance to track as needed.

As we enter 2024, we’ll only continue to provide more data, further product updates, & new integrations, cutting down the time you spent behind the scenes so you can focus on what matters most – running your Events. Be sure to look out for our next updates on what’s to come on Playeasy 👀

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback & chat through how we can assist you. Please reach out to the Playeasy team anytime here.

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