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Local Businesses: Introducing a new way to showcase all that your Destination has to offer!

The future of Playeasy is here. Add your Local Businesses to Playeasy to give your visitors the tools & promotions to plan their trip from kickoff to post-game. We’re using cutting-edge technology to help you provide incredible sports event experiences in your Destination.

Our Goal:

To make a more connected & efficient sports ecosystem by providing easy-to-use tools that empower our partners to create world-class digital experiences.

What We Built:

The ability for Playeasy users to create robust, unique, Google-optimized Local Business profiles on Playeasy in a matter of minutes. From hotels to local restaurants or attractions, Gold Destinations & Facilities can add any business they’d like to promote to their Destination profile & sit back as Playeasy’s technology does the rest. These Local Business profiles automatically populate on any nearby Playeasy Marketed Events & can include any event-specific booking or promotion links.

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Local Business Profiles on Playeasy

Local Business profiles are dynamic, unique webpages that highlight hotel & lodging, food & drink, entertainment, shopping, transport & services available to visitors in specific areas. Through an OpenAI integration, our technology builds profiles for you & automatically syncs them across Playeasy. Directly reach participants & enhance the visitor experience, drive more value & economic impact to your community partners, & track your success with real-time analytics along the way. Learn more here.

Things to Do Around Your Events on Playeasy

Anytime you market an event on Playeasy or get tagged on one by an Event Organizer, your local businesses get added to these pages & Playeasy will also sync them as a central event calendar on your profile. Every marketed event will have a ‘things to do map’ for visitors to scroll & find activities for after the game.

Think of Playeasy event pages as your own ‘micro-sites’ for you to add your providers & business partners & to share with your Event Organizer. Add any event-specific hotel & lodging links to these pages to appear in a ‘Hotel Specials’ tab. Also, add any special business promotions around your events to display on the event page with a custom QR code to activate the promotion.

It’s all happening on Playeasy – the entire sports event experience is right here. Get started today.

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We can’t wait for you to experience these new game-changing features. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us here or email

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