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Just launched: Site Selection and Lead Management 2.0 and Website Integration

Playeasy just got better – our most significant product launch is now live. In 2023, we are dedicated to providing the tools to help our users win the internet. Playeasy’s two key initiatives for this year are to help our users connect more easily and efficiently and reach more people. First, we are enabling both sides of the sports tourism industry to work together in a much more efficient manner to collaborate on the RFP matchmaking process. We are also empowering our customers to reach more people by dynamically connecting their websites to Playeasy to grow their brand across the web. Keep scrolling to discover what we’ve launched:

Site Selection & Lead Management 2.0

Playeasy is striving to make the RFP matchmaking process more direct, collaborative and valuable. Our entirely new RFP matchmaking system will allow Event Organizers to create, send and manage RFP responses with ease, with the option to create a public or private request. Destinations & Facilities will be directly alerted with more valuable leads and can better organize and manage their lead dashboard to spend their time bringing in the events that are their best fit.

Learn more about your RFP Management Dashboard here.
Learn more about your Leads Dashboard here.

Seamless Website Integration

Playeasy empowers you with a digital profile to showcase yourself online. Until now, Playeasy and your website lived separately. Today, we are empowering you to integrate your Facilities, Events, or Posts on your website so the two can live together. Our new integration creates an RSS feed of your Playeasy content to extend the reach of your content inside and outside the platform. Let your Playeasy content automatically update on your website while boosting your Google search results as a result.

Targeted Marketing Opportunities

We’re introducing the most innovative marketing offering in the industry. Playeasy’s new dynamic advertising offering provides real-time analytics, automatic Google indexing, and premier placement in front of Playeasy’s network and its external networks. Our cost-per-click model ensures you only pay for the views you receive.

We can’t wait for you to experience these new game-changing features. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us here or email

The Playeasy Team

The Playeasy Team

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The Playeasy Team

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