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Next Level Junior Classic

This is the total layout, description and proposal of the Next Level Classic Series. We are taking approximately 100 high school juniors and then a combination of 100 sophomore and freshmen student-athletes from around the country. We place them and their parents in a college-style athletic environment for multiple days but it takes months of planning to get to the day they report to our University.

Let’s start with the Juniors process, because one of our divisions in which is called Tygtal Exposure and Sports Consulting Service is a certified scouting service we start there. We do exactly like college programs and watch film on prospective student athletes to make an offer to be apart of the Classic. We are not just looking for five star type athletes but those that maybe of been missed for several reasons or those that we call the under dawgs. We have a criteria per position that we look for as do the colleges throughout the country. We do extensive work on the student athletes before making an offer or even letting them commit to our program. As Universities does we make a lot of offers to fill the spots. Our spots are broken don as such. 6 QB, 8 RB, 20 OL, 14 WR, 4 TE, 16 DL, 12 LB, 14 DB, 2 KICKERS, AND SNAPPERS to arrive at 100 student athletes.

Our Vision SPORTS Education Foundation Inc

Our Vision SPORTS Education Foundation Inc

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