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About USA Dodgeball

USA Dodgeball is the national governing body for the sport of dodgeball in the United States. Its mission is to unite and grow the sport of dodgeball across the country and the world. “We have been around since 2017. That is when we officially formed, but our board and myself have been helping leagues across the country grow since 2010. We aim to communicate that dodgeball is incredibly fun, but can also be a very serious competitive sport as well,” Jake Mason, President of USA Dodgeball says.

USA Dodgeball Team
USA Dodgeball Team

The Game 

Dodgeball games begin with 2 teams of 6 players lined up on opposite sides of the court. At the start of the game, players rush to grab their balls at the center line and begin throwing. When players are hit by an active ball, they are out. Teams earn 1 point each time they completely eliminate an opposing team, and the team with the most points at the end of the match wins. Of course, lots of strategy is involved in play, and the game is high energy for both players and spectators. For a further breakdown of play, head to USA Dodgeball’s site here.

USA Dodgeball player

There are 4 main ball types used in the sport: No-Sting, 8.5 Rubber, Cloth and Foam. The use of different ball types varies depending on level of play and different countries’ preferred standard. “In the US, we primarily play with no-sting balls. Typically, in Europe they play with cloth balls. It’s still same sport, but with different ball types and slightly different rules,” Mason shares.


USA Dodgeball runs its own Premier Tour, a regional tournament tour in its North, South, East & West regions, in addition to its annual National Championships. Each year, the organization itself hosts around 16 events across the country, typically spanning March to October. “In addition to that, we have our Team USA Combine. Those events are scouting events where we select about 80 men and women around the country to create our Team USA. We typically invite them to a central location. This year we did it in Denver, and previously we hosted it in Dallas,” Mason shares. USA Dodgeball also sanctions events for its member leagues throughout the year.

The World Dodgeball Federation World Championships

The World Dodgeball Federation World Championships features teams from countries across the globe competing for the World Champion title. The event spans a full week and competitors include Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Argentina. Every 4-6 years, USA Dodgeball hosts the World Championships somewhere in the US.

The large-scale event’s previously locations include Toronto, Melbourne, Cancun, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This year’s World Championships will take place from August 28th-September 4th, 2022 in Edmonton, Canada. Hundreds of athletes from 26+ countries will attend the event, which will be the sport’s largest competition in history.

Dodgeball player

What Does Dodgeball Need from Hosts? 

Ideally, USA Dodgeball is searching for facilities with indoor basketball courts. Depending on the event, the group needs anywhere from 2-6 courts. “We can get creative with our space, as we can turn 1 basketball court into 3 dodgeball courts. Having dropdown dividers inside a venue is ideal. We just need someone who is willing to work with us and get creative with us,” Mason notes.


It’s all about sharing and spreading the word. I think the key to growing the sport is making it as accessible, equitable, and welcoming as possible. It’s hard to join a new sport, especially when you see the professional level. Dodgeball offers a space that has a nice balance between being competitive while being made up of great people and teammates. I tell people you just have to jump in and try it.

Jake Mason, President, USA Dodgeball

How to Get Involved 

To get involved in playing, head to USA Dodgeball’s website and search their member list for local leagues near you. The organization is also opening up more opportunities for recreational players to advance to the professional level.

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USA Dodgeball

USA Dodgeball

USA Dodgeball

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