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Ripe with Excitement: The Savannah Bananas Take Baton Rouge by Storm

In the vibrant sports landscape of Baton Rouge, an extraordinary event captivated sports fans and locals alike. For the first time, the renowned Savannah Bananas made their mark on college turf, selling out LSU’s esteemed baseball stadium from March 14-16, 2024. Departing from their usual circuit of minor and major league venues, this historic occasion spanned three thrilling days, enticing over 140,000 eager fans with a mere 30,000 tickets available—an unequivocal testament to Baton Rouge’s devotion to the sport. Amidst the excitement, the city’s bustling atmosphere, steeped in baseball tradition, set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Stick around as we delve into the heart of Baton Rouge and the inside scoop on the Savannah’s Bananas games.

Baton Rouge is the Home of Champions

With Louisiana State University and Southern University and A&M College’s presence in town, Baton Rouge is a sports haven. Baton Rouge’s sports reputation has been amplified the recent successes of LSU baseball, women’s basketball, and football. “A large part of southern culture is the community gathering together for sports events. Whether it’s a crawfish boil, an LSU game on television, or a Southern University home game, all of that energy plays in to hosting athletic events here as well. It’s a natural place to come here and have an event and experience our culture, our food, our facilities, and everything Baton Rouge has to offer,” Jason Suitt, Director of Sports Development at Visit Baton Rouge shares.

Louisiana State University & Southern University and A&M College

“Sports is the front porch to any community. For us, LSU is the front porch to Baton Rouge. Most people know Baton Rouge as the home of LSU. That is what typically introduces the city and the culture to folks if they’re watching a Saturday night game at Tiger Stadium on TV. Having both LSU and Southern University as Division I schools in town helps drive the Baton Rouge name and what sports mean to our community. All of those game days are a huge gathering point for everybody in the city to get behind. That helps solidify Baton Rouge as a sports destination because of that community support and how ingrained sports are not only in our culture, but in the nature of the people who have grown up here and have lived within sports their whole life, going to sporting events, participating in sports, and so on.”

Jason Suitt, Sports Development Director, Visit Baton Rouge

The Savannah Bananas at LSU

For the first time ever, the iconic Savannah Bananas traveled to Louisiana for three night games from March 14-16, 2024. The Savannah Bananas games at LSU’s Alex Box Stadium were their first in a college baseball stadium. Over the course of three nights, 30,000 tickets were made available to the public, yet demand soared with over 140,000 ticket requests.

Known for their entertaining spin on baseball, the Savannah Bananas are a professional baseball team based in Savannah, Georgia. Their games feature choreographed dances, colorful team apparel, and a lively atmosphere. Originally competing in the Coastal Plain League, a top-tier collegiate summer baseball league, the Savannah Bananas have expanded their reach, now touring the country and performing in both major league and now college stadiums nationwide, captivating audiences with their energetic spirit.

The idea to host the Bananas in Baton Rouge spurred from a conversation between Visit Baton Rouge and LSU employees. “Our Senior VP of Event Experience suggested the possibility of bringing the Savannah Bananas here, considering the immense baseball culture fostered by LSU and Southern baseball. From there, it gained steam,” Suitt shares. The games were able to be scheduled with the SEC during college baseball season and were serviced by Louisiana State University, Visit Baton Rouge, and the Savannah Bananas. Event production was expertly managed by the Savannah Bananas, while LSU staff provided on-site venue assistance.

The Savannah Bananas games also coincided with the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Baton Rouge, one of the city’s largest annual parades, and two youth baseball tournaments, with participants from these events also attending the Bananas games during their stay. All in all, it was an exciting, jam-packed weekend for sports in Baton Rouge for visitors and attendees. 

Inside Alex Box Stadium

Alex Box Stadium was the perfect host for the Savannah Bananas first college stop, with a sold out, full stadium for all three nights. The stadium is one of the larger venues in college baseball, with seating for 10,000 guests, plus standing room. Alex Box Stadium and LSU Baseball have been first in the nation for total attendance figures for over 20 years straight. “I’d put it in the top three of college baseball in the experience and the atmosphere. That stadium was built like a minor league ballpark for college baseball. There is no bad seat in the house,” Suitt adds.

Weekend Highlight: The Wearin’ of the Green Parade

On Saturday morning, the Wearin’ of the Green Parade kicked off, starting on the main streets and concluding in a lively lot filled with restaurants and bars offering festive specials. Typically, a concert follows the parade. Additionally, there’s a 5K along the route in the morning, leading up to the main event. The parade is always a big deal for the city, and was a fun-filled addition to the Savannah Bananas event.

After the Game: What to See in Baton Rouge

Many attendees spent time exploring LSU campus and downtown Baton Rouge during their stay. Visit Baton Rouge’s team are experts in the city’s top attractions. “Firstly, the games took place on the LSU campus, a central part of our community. For all visitors, I highly recommend exploring the campus, especially Mike the Tiger’s habitat, located just across from the baseball stadium. Mike is our live mascot and a beloved attraction on campus. Also, don’t miss out on our vibrant downtown area, filled with restaurants, museums, and other attractions. You can also enjoy scenic walks or bike rides along the Mississippi River levee. Also, if you have time, New Orleans is an hour away and is a perfect day trip,” Suitt suggests.

For more information on Baton Rouge, check out Visit Baton Rouge on Playeasy here, or head to their website here!

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