Sports ETA and Playeasy Create Strategic Partnership to Connect Sports Events Tourism Industry

Sports ETA and Playeasy Create Strategic Partnership  to Connect Sports Events Tourism Industry 

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CINCINNATI (January 27, 2021) – Sports ETA, the trade association for the U.S. sports events tourism industry, and Playeasy, the digital platform that connects event organizers, athletic facilities, and sports destinations across the country, announced today that they have created a strategic partnership to better serve the industry. 

The partnership connects Playeasy’s online marketing, market analysis and lead generation software platform to Sports ETA’s established network of sports destinations, industry partners, facilities and rights holders. Additionally, Playeasy and Sports ETA will collaborate on future product features and enhancements that create additional value to all stakeholders across the sports events tourism ecosystem. 

“Playeasy has quickly become the Gold Standard as a technology partner for the sports events tourism industry and we will continue to upgrade our mutual product offerings.” 

Al KiddCEO & President of Sports ETA

All in all, destination members of Sports ETA, representing 600 U.S. sports markets, can create online profiles to market their community and athletic facilities on Playeasy, as well as search and communicate with hundreds of event rights holders and RFPs to support their on-going revenue development efforts. Event rights holders can also search through 600 destinations and 10,000+ sports venues across the United States on Playeasy to streamline their ability to find host cities and venues for their events. 

Registration and additional information for the Playeasy platform is available at

“On behalf of our membership at Sports ETA, we look forward to the successful launch of our partnership with Playeasy to drive future efficiencies and revenue growth among the sports events tourism industry,” said Al KiddCEO & President of Sports ETA. “Playeasy has quickly become the Gold Standard as a technology partner for the sports events tourism industry and we will continue to upgrade our mutual product offerings.” 

“Our platform will support Sports ETA in their expansion of their existing directories, RFP database and market analysis tools,” said Sean Flaherty, Co-Founder and CEO of Playeasy. “Sports ETA’s experience and expertise will be invaluable for us to continue to create great online user experiences that allow stakeholders across the sports events tourism industry to connect, communicate and generate new business.” 

“The strategic partnership between Sports ETA and Playeasy is a proud moment for the Indiana Sports Corp. as the company was created in our Techstars Sports Accelerator Powered by Indy,” said Ryan Vaughn, President of Indiana Sports Corp. “We are confident in their abilities to coalesce the sports events tourism industry with new technology and innovation.” 

About Sports ETA 

As the only trade association for the sports events tourism industry, Sports ETA is the most trusted resource for sports commissions, destination marketing organizations (DMOs), and sports event owners. Sports ETA is committed to the success of more than 850 member organizations and 2,400 sports event professionals. Our promise is to deliver quality education, ample networking opportunities and exceptional event management and marketing know-how to our members – sports destinations, sports event owners, and suppliers to the industry – and to protect the integrity of the sports events and industry.  For more information, visit

About Playeasy 

Playeasy founded in 2018, has rapidly become the largest online network of sports destinations and athletic facilities in the United States. Playeasy enables Event Organizers, Sports Facilities and Destinations to create SEO optimized profiles and streamline the ability to search, find, communicate, post events and generate new business through one seamless platform. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. 

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