Who will be crowned National Champion?

Come join us for the tournament to decide the top team in the NCDA hosted by Ohio University! All guests are welcome to come and cheer on their favorite players and teams!

View the event here on Playeasy & here on Facebook.

Upcoming NCDA Events

  • This is one of the last tournaments being held by the Saginaw Valley State University. They will be joined by their alumni, Western Michigan Univeristy, and Central Michgian University.
  • This marks one of the last events before nationals, so come out and cheer on the teams as they get in some valuable experience in before nationals! Miami University will be joined by Ohio State University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Ohio University.
  • This is the tournament of the year as it crowns the National Champions of the league. It brings together the best talent the league has to offer and it tells us who the best teams are. This year it is held at Ohio University and it is a two day event that is filled with the best catches and throws!
National Collegiate Dodgeball Association

National Collegiate Dodgeball Association

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