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Experience Montgomery

Experience Montgomery

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About Experience Montgomery

Montgomery is becoming one of the South’s hottest sports tickets. National sporting event planners are taking notice of Montgomery as a fun, energetic destination for a wide variety of sporting events. With our brand new, top-of-the-line sports facilities, team-friendly hotels, fun activities and an active vibe all throughout the city, Montgomery is the perfect city to host your next high-octane sporting event.

Things to do in Experience Montgomery

It takes more than a day to experience Montgomery. So to get you started, we recommend using our itineraries as your guide – but be sure to stop and look at anything that strikes your fancy along the way. Whether you’re into extreme history, funky neighborhoods, art galleries, baseball, superb restaurants or trendy nightspots, have we got a schedule for you! Be sure to get plenty of rest before you come to Montgomery. Because once you’re here, you’ll need energy to cram in everything on your plate. So get packed. Then pack it all in!

Travel details

Montgomery is centrally located in the southeast region of the United States, conveniently situated at the intersection of Interstate 85 and Interstate 65. Montgomery is 164 miles southwest of Atlanta, 92 miles south of Birmingham, and 155 miles north of Mobile and the Gulf of Mexico.

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