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Next Level Classic

Next Level Classic

Youth & High School Multi Sport Other

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Deadline: Dec 28th, 2023

About Next Level Classic

Flexible b/w Jan 1st - Jan 1st, 2025

Looking Nationally

50 Hotel Rooms Per Night

300 Participants

1,000 Spectators

This is the total layout and description and propose of the Next Level Classic Series. We are taking approximately 100 high school junior and then a combine of 100 sophomore and freshmen student athletes from around the country. We place them and their parents in a college style athletic environment for multiple days but it takes months of planning to get to the day they report to our University.
Lets start with the Juniors process, because one of our divisions in which is called Tygtal Exposure and Sports Consulting Service is a certified scouting service we start there. We do exactly like college programs and watch film on prospective student athletes to make an offer to be apart of the Classic. We are not just looking for five star type athletes but those that maybe of been missed for several reasons or those that we call the under dawgs. We have a criteria per position that we look for as do the colleges throughout the country. We do extensive work on the student athletes before making an offer or even letting them commit to our program. As Universities does we make a lot of offers to fill the spots. Our spots are broken don as such. 6 QB, 8 RB, 20 OL, 14 WR, 4 TE, 16 DL, 12 LB, 14 DB, 2 KICKERS, AND SNAPPERS to arrive at 100 student athletes.

Once we make the determination to offer, we then send the student athlete an official offer edit and link to register. We also invite him and his parents on a zoom call that we refer to as an official visit to the NLC. During this zoom call we tell them the history of NLC, the results, the intenary for those days and more. Once we finish our presentation we ask them parents and athletes d they have any questions they would like to know that we may not of covered. Once all is cleared we ask who would like to commit and who will go and register. Our spots are first come first served due to all the offers we have extended. It is just like the way the University of Georgia gets their players.
Once we fill our total roster out most of the time it be like late October we will have a draft live streaming thru social media with the athlete and parents. Each head coach gets a pick, for example QB Drip’s head coach picks one then SWAG’S coach picks one until we have completed each position and we get even numbers on each side. This is how we arrive at two teams. Once teams are selected each team coaches start having zoom meetings with there team’s and position groups to first get to know there players, two start talking about all the expectations o being part of the Next Level Classic, and lastly the playbook. All of our coaches has an extensive college coaching background so this program is ran on a college like style.

Leading unto report date all the players and parents receive a welcome package telling how to dress (dress shirts, ties, slack, and dress shoes), itineraries and more. Once the student athlete reports and is turned over to use they are then checked into their dorm room (hotel) with a room mate that is a member of the same team. We keep all of our student athletes, coaches, and security on the same floors away from any others and parents. They now become property of the NLC. One great thing I would like to mention they come in as 10 individuals and leave as one solid unit.

Once each student athlete gets to their assigned room on the beds is everything, they need for the event such as book bags, notebooks, hoodies, snacks, sweat suits, socks, and more. At no time would you see any athlete nor coach out of uniform. There will be gifts giving to them from our various sponsors as well.
We call the first day an administrative day where by we do picture day, press conferences, measurements, and bonding sessions. We strongly believe in discipline, networking, and understanding how to be a true student athlete for academics, medical, character, community involvement, then athletes.
Pretty much day two and three assigns up the same. We feed these guys 7 times per day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with snacks or protein shakes throughout the day. Our days start at 5:30 am is wakeup following by breakfast. After breakfast we will load the buses and head to the football facilities. Their we will have our locker rooms, fields, and classrooms. We will spend 95% of our time there.
Once at the facility each student athletes has his own locker with his name on it. In this locker is all of his equipment and practice uniforms. Once he goes to practice and return we take up all uniforms and send out to laundry for washing and to be placed back in lockers.
Now when the team first get over to the practice facility, they immediately go into team and position meetings. This last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. While both student athletes are in those meetings our parents are in a course by our own coach wise. This course is called Wiseup with Coachwise in which is a 4 quarter or part session. Quarter one (academics featuring the NCAA), Quarter 2 (Recruiting process), Quarter 3 (NIL), Quarter 4 (Q and A). Each time the teams have their teams meeting then the parents have class with Coach Wise.
After the team meetings the student athletes will proceed to the locker room and get ready for practice. Our practices last for 2 hours each and they are filmed, and the footage is used for several reasons. One each athletes gets a copy thru their hudl accounts to make highlights, the coaches use it so they can teach from the mistakes, and Tygtal uses it to send out to colleges and universities to share. Parents can either watch practice or roam the city.
After practice we will go to lunch. Once back to the facility after lunch, the student athletes then attends class just like they were in college. Their classes will be setup as follows. We will breakdown into four classrooms for example team SWAG (OFFENSIVE PLAYERS) , SWAG (DEFENSIVE PLAYERS) , DRIP (OFFENSIVE PLAYERS) , DRIP (DEFENSIVE PLAYERS). Each class will be approximately 15 minutes unless a professor needs more. The Professors/Speaker, Etc is the following but limited to four per class period. (Concussion, Ortho, Nutrition, Cardiology, Sleep, Sports Performance & Injury prevention, Financial literacy, motivative speakers, and more. The first classes period the 4 Professors/Speaker, Etc rotate between classrooms every 15 mins so all the student athletes will hear from each.
Doing that time we will also have a set of Professors/Speaker, Etc in a separate area with all of our parents teaching them as well. During the two days everybody gets to hear from all the medical person at the event. We will only do the classes once on that Sat and once that Sunday.
After the classes then the teams will be directed back to there team meetings and the Parents back with Coachwiseup. Just like earlier in the day after the team meeting our guys will proceed to practice no. 2.
After practice 2 we will proceed by to the hotel for dinner. There will be a small rest break after dinner, then we will proceed to bonding time with Coach Wiseup and any community service projects before bed time.
Then on Monday we will checkout of dorms and head to the facility to get ready for the game. Pregame starts at 11 am with kickoff at 1 pm. We play the Junior game by College rules and uses College Officials. We modify the special teams as well. The game itself is streamed and commutated live by Score Sorts 58. The last couple of years we touched 43 states and 3 countries. After the game itself we release the players back to there parents on site. Approximately three weeks later after the holidays we reach back out to each family with a total evaluation and push all the info gained to colleges.

The only difference between the NLJC and the NLSFC is we recruit the gys differently, we invite instead of offer . The NLSFC is catered more to being a high school student first with a mixture of college. The NLJC is a 4 day 3 night deal and the NLSFC is a 3 day 2 night days.

This is the football event but the other sports events are just like this.

We do multiple of these events but in different sports. So they are done different times and dates during the year.

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