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Unified Gaming FanFest

Unified Gaming FanFest

All Ages ESports Expo

RFP - Urgent Need
Deadline: Sep 30th, 2023

About Unified Gaming FanFest

Flexible b/w Feb 20th - Dec 31st, 2023, for 5 days

Looking Nationally

200 Hotel Rooms Per Night

500 Participants

250 Spectators

We produce gaming and esports events of all shapes and sizes nationwide -- we like to describe them as iconic ways to activate a community, especially around youth engagement since our events have proven attendance and reach in the 18-30 demo.

We build our own events in partnership with destinations in markets across North America. We do this by collaborating with a premier location (such as convention centers, casinos, universities, theme parks, or other privately held venues) to produce our Gaming Festival, the only event product in the industry that natively engages both a casual and competitive attendee base, as a service to the community.

We're exploring the idea of (leveraging our team's agency and brand activation design background to) build events that are purpose-built for brands around their KPIs, and are happy to explore those connections if a brand is headquartered within a market and would benefit from the youth engagement we provide.

Working with us gives DMOs the only turnkey access to esports ROI currently available in the space.

Our competitors love it. Our adventurers love it. Our spectators love it. And furthermore, we're consistently profitable for all of our partners. We'd love to talk about how we can bring this show to your destination.

The event is a 2-day Festival with two prior days of setup. If necessary, we can complete teardown on the night of the 2nd day, reducing our total days in the facility to 4.

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All Ages

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