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MaXout West Virginia

MaXout West Virginia

Youth & High School Multi Sport Competition

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About MaXout West Virginia

The Ultimate Cheerleading Experience!

Maxout Masquerade is a unique event with a very special twist!

Option 1 “Masquerade Style“
In part one your team will be provided with black shorts and shirts that they will perform. Your teams will also perform to an 8-count track that matches your music's BPM. When they perform in part 1 there will be no spectators and the judges will not know what gym they are from or what team they are. When you come back for part 2 we will bring in your spectators and have your teams perform (for fun) in full uniform with your team's music. Then we will present awards throughout the day based on the scores from part 1. MaXout Masquerade will have college coaches on-site recruiting and having discussions with junior and senior-aged athletes.

Option 2 “Traditional Competition"
You can choose for your team(s) to participate in a more traditional style of events in lieu of being a part of the Masquerade. The teams that choose to do this option will have a different process and will be separate from the teams doing the Masquerade teams and will have the same pricing.

Awards will be separated based on teams doing the Masquerade or the Traditional Competition. Programs do have the option to do the Masquerade option all the way to 2 weeks prior to the event.

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