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Trinity Forest Golf Club

Trinity Forest Golf Club

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About Trinity Forest Golf Club

Trinity Forest Golf Club was created explicitly to attract prestigious golf championships back to Dallas. Further, the club endeavors to create a special place where our members and guests may foster camaraderie, enjoying the undefeatable game of golf.

Trinity Forest Golf Club resembles many of the great old courses of the Northeast and Great Britain, featuring a links style course on a rolling meadow with tall native grasses and dramatic bunkering and green complexes.

Designed by Mark Finlay Architects, the Trinity Forest clubhouse is bold, fresh and identifiable, and perfectly captures the modern spirit of today’s game.

The intriguing nature of Trinity Forest starts with its very conception. Some 50 years back, the location, just south off Highway 12, in the dense underbrush of the Trinity River watershed, an area known as the Trinity Forest, became an illegal dumpsite, mostly of construction debris, stuff like chucks of old concrete, but also trash from locals. As material piled up, somebody would push dirt around to hide it, and subsequent dumping moved to an adjacent spot. Eventually the landfill covered some 150 acres, and grew to a plateau some 15 to 20 feet above the riverbed.

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