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About Colby College

Colby’s facilities take advantage of campus parking, providing up to 1,000 spaces.

Boasting one of the largest tennis facilities in the state at the 10-court Alfond-Wales Tennis Courts, Colby also houses one of the finest squash facilities in the country at the Dunaway Squash Courts.

Another special feature at Colby is the Colby-Hume crew center, one of few professional facilities for the sport in the state of Maine.

The Colby Soccer Fields has 2-4 turf fields for soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and field hockey.

Wadsworth Gymnasium seats 2,600 for basketball, volleyball, and cheering competition.

Additional turf fields are located at Seaverns Field at Harold Alfond Stadium. For ice events, the Harold Alfond Athletic Center can seat 1,700 spectators.

Swimming events take place at the 10-lane, 25-yard pool, that can be used as a 12-lane pool as necessary.

The Campbell & Colby Cross Country Trails feature 8.5 miles of racing trails. Indoor running facilities are housed at the Harold Alfond Athletic Center Field House.

Colby Softball plays at the Crafts Field and baseball at Coombs Field.State of the art facility that includes
3 full size indoor courts (hardwood)
4 full size grass fields (all sports)
2 regulation size diamonds
1 regulation size ice rink