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Event Cancellation Insurance for Event Organizers and Teams

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Youth Sports programs have the right to protect their revenue from the unexpected! USSCI gives event organizers the resources they need to protect, grow and fund their sport.

USSCI’s comprehensive refund solution protects the revenue of event organizers, and sports clubs, while adding value to their program. USSCI grows their reach by offering Team Event Coverage which allows participants confidence when registering for an event. USSCI funds the sport by supporting event organizers though several sponsorship opportunities.

At USSCI we are problem solvers – we understand there is not a one size fits all solution. Your organization is unique, and you deserve a custom solution that works how you do. We are executers – we do what we say we will do. We always move in a positive motion with a can-do approach. We believe when sports have the freedom to focus on what they do best, more children can play and receive the benefits that youth sports provide.

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