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Pro Ambitions Hockey

Pro Ambitions Hockey

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About Pro Ambitions Hockey

My name is Jeff Serowik. I have loved, played, studied and coached hockey my entire life. I was drafted while playing for a New England Prep School by the Toronto Maple Leafs. I received a D1 scholarship to HOCKEY EAST’s Providence College where I played for four years and earned a bachelor of science in Finance. I then went on to play ten years of professional hockey.

I developed my own brand and niche in the hockey development industry. THE BATTLE CAMP, training in small area battles incorporating a skill, skating and game situational battle in every drill.

I believe I have set the bar in youth sports development. I am still studying, learning, creating, evolving. I am proud to be the leader in the industry and the largest camp in the world. I am proud of my staff. I am proud to train kids with unbiased sets of eyes. We are here to help. We have no agenda but to deliver what I call and have written about in many publications called “ The Summer Hockey Growth Spurt.”

Thank you for trusting your son’s and daughter with us, as always we are pushing the bar and on the tipping point of what is next in developing youth athletes. In closing I want to note that every kid’s bar is different. Although many of our campers have gone on to play for D1, D3, and Ivy League colleges, then onto the NHL….many want to make the high school team.

We will help each camper achieve their own Pro Ambitions.


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