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Get to Know 3STEP Lacrosse

Just how big is the largest youth sports organization in the country? Playeasy recently announced a partnership with 3STEP Sports, the nation’s largest & most impactful youth sports club & event operator. We’re highlighting their hundreds of organizations by sport & next up is lacrosse! Check out 3STEP Sports‘ lacrosse organizations on Playeasy – learn more about each organization, their events & more!

D3 Lacrosse Showcase

D3 Lacrosse Showcase
📍Hanover, NJ

“The D3 Lacrosse Showcase is the premier lacrosse recruiting showcase in the Northeast. These events offer boys and girls the opportunity to compete in a showcase setting in front of some of the best Division III schools in the country. This is a 365-day experience as we keep our participants engaged with podcasts, webinars, coach interviews, and recruiting specific blogs.”

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Lacrosse America

Lacrosse America
📍Glenview, IL

“We are extremely proud to be the leader in the lacrosse events space in the Midwest and beyond. We are excited to present our event series and look forward to sharing our mission of “Building Better Young People Through Sport” with you.”

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Aloha Tournaments

Aloha Tournaments
📍Hanover, MD

“Aloha Tournaments is based out of Baltimore, Maryland. We run 16 events per year throughout the US.”

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NXT Lacrosse

NXT Lacrosse
📍Conshohocken, PA

“A staple in the lacrosse world, NXT Lacrosse is a best-in-class event operator that runs 30 camps and clinics, 28 boys and girls club teams and 51 recruiting showcases across the country. In any given year NXT casts a net that reaches over 40,000 athletes.”

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Hogan Lacrosse

Hogan Lacrosse
📍Annapolis, MD

HoganLax provides premier boys lacrosse tournaments in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Tournaments are for youth through high school players in a competitive, safe and fun environment, for all competition levels.”

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3d Lacrosse

3d Lacrosse
📍Denver, CO

“3d Lacrosse is the nation’s leading lacrosse services company. Established in 2009, 3d Lacrosse has defined itself with its cutting-edge, proprietary training for boys and girls of all ages and all levels of play. 3d leverages its box-field hybrid teaching paradigm to train more than 10,000 athletes each year in 14 different regions and offers a lineup of premiere events that annually draw more than 22,000 athletes and 60,000 spectators.”

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Robinson Sports

Robinson Sports
📍Baltimore, MD

“Robinson Sports is a lacrosse club and event operator, committed to providing the nation’s athletes with a best-in-class experience. In an effort to grow the game of lacrosse, Robinson Sports provides top notch clinics, leagues tournaments and trainings dedicated to helping players from across the country to showcase their lacrosse skills.”

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Rising Lacrosse

Rising Lacrosse
📍Downingtown, PA

“The Rising Showcase Series is one of the best opportunities for players to rapidly develop their skills and get on the right path to play college lacrosse. Optimal timing, location and coach availability guarantees maximum value for athletes who attend all camps in the series. Add to that our Box-Field Hybrid training that demands team play and unselfish lacrosse with small teams and intimate settings that never exceed four fields of play, and it’s easy to see why the Rising Showcase Series camps are simply the nation’s top opportunities for up and coming prospects.”

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PLL Jr. Championships

PLL Jr. Championships
📍New York, NY

“The PLL Junior Championships bring together hundreds of youth players (5th-8th grade) from all over the country for a one-of-a-kind PLL experience.

The PLL Junior Championships kick off with educational and immersive training camps. Not only will attendees be learning from the best; they will interact with the pros and hear the stories of how these athletes forged their path.

Following training camps and evaluation, players are placed into two separate Player Pools — an individual pool for 12 & under players, and an individual pool for 14 & under players. Players will then be drafted by PLL Jr teams within those age brackets. All eight teams in each age group travel to a PLL Game Weekend venue, and compete for the Junior Championships title.

PLL Junior Training Camps
Every training camp is an opportunity for athletes to participate in a one-of-a-kind experience, receiving hands-on training from the best athletes and coaches in the sport. Each camp will have 10+ PLL players in attendance to coach with a focus on the following:

Standardized teaching from top coaches + PLL pros
Dedicated positional + skill training sessions
Coordinated offensive + defensive concepts for game play
Evaluations to determine skills, strengths, and ability.
Opportunities to meet PLL players and learn from their stories”

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3STEP Sports

3STEP Sports

Woburn, MA

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